The mission of The European Cereals Genetics Co-operative (EWAC - formerly standing for "European Wheat Aneuploid Co-operative") is to foster cooperative research in cereal genetics, cytogenetics, genomics and molecular biology across Europe. It has become an excellent platform for researchers developing and using precise cereal stocks for genetic studies including the localisation and mapping of genes/QTLs by employing molecular techniques.


EWAC coordinates and promotes the development of the new precise genetic stocks as well as the curation of existing genetic stocks built up over four decades of research. Importantly, it promotes their use through new cooperative activities to bring benefits to a wide range of stakeholders including plant breeders and ultimately, farmers.


EWAC encourages the participation of a wide range of groups across Institutes and Universities in Europe and the training and mentoring of young scientists in particular to enable them to become familiar with the huge range of cereal (particularly wheat, barley and rye) precise genetics stocks available for research.